ArmorPOINT I/O Modules

Our Bulletin 1738 ArmorPOINT® I/O modules provides a wide range of input and output modules to span many applications, from high-speed digital to process control. ArmorPOINT I/O supports producer/consumer technology, which lets input information and output status to be shared among multiple Logix controllers.

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  • Choices include digital, analog, and specialty I/O
  • Available with DeviceLogix™ technology
  • Densities range from two to eight points per module
  • Interfaces up to 63 modules for as many as 252 I/O points per network
  • Powered from the backplane by the communication module or expansion power supply

1738 ArmorPOINT® Digital I/O Modules

  • Wide variety of AC and DC voltages
  • Input, output, and relay output modules
  • On configurable modules each point can be either a DC input or output
  • Isolated and non-isolated module types
  • Point-level and field-side diagnostics on select modules
  • Choice of direct-connect or rack-optimized communications

1738 ArmorPOINT Analog I/O Modules

  • Includes thermocouple and RTD modules
  • As many as four single-ended inputs or outputs per module
  • On-board, channel-level data alarming (four set-points per channel)
  • Scaling to engineering units
  • Channel-level diagnostics (electronic bits and status indicators)

1738 ArmorPOINT Specialty I/O Modules

  • Counter module
  • Synchronous Serial Interface (SSI) module
  • Serial interface modules (RS-232, RS-485/RS-422)


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