Automatic meter reading (AMR)

Danfoss Sono® is not only about ultrasonic energy meters. To read out the measured energy consumption there are different options. The Automatic Meter Reading solutions simplify things a lot and can even establish a cloud-based smart metering solution.

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Danfoss Sono® energy meters accurately measure the energy consumption in single family houses, apartment buildings and commercial buildings. In most cases the consumption is measured in order to allocate energy costs among the residents or users in a fair way. This means the energy consumption registered by every meter will periodically also need to be read out. Traditionally a person would come by and required access to every meter to list the consumption since the previous read out.

Nowadays more efficient methods to register the consumption are available. Danfoss offers three automated meter reading solutions;

‘Walk-by’ radio meter readout

This is a wireless meter reading solution using a portable radio receiver, SonoRead™ 868, with Bluetooth interface. It can read all OMS standardized meters. Once it is connected to the SonoApp™ a powerful, mobile radio meter reading system is established. Access to the meters is no longer required, saving a significant amount of time for planning and scheduling activities. The radio meter readout is a perfect solution for situations where a manageable amount of meters need to be readed occasionally.

Data concentrator

In case many meters need to be read more frequently, the use of a data concentrator, SonoCollect™, is a better solution. The concentrator stores data from up to 80 meters. It comes with a standardized wired and wireless M-bus interface supporting up to 500 meters in one system. The data can be read out at any time with analyzing tools, e.g. on a PC, via IP technology. This solution is recommended for larger buildings and/or for facility managers that are actively seeking for insights that can help them increase their buildings’ energy efficiency.

Smart meter reading Cloud

When there’s a need to access energy consumption data from various buildings, the cloud-based smart meter reading solution can be used. SonoEnergy™ is a smart energy software platform for the overall integration of data, business processes and technologies. It collects the data from different SonoCollect™ (or other) data concentrators. The data can be analyzed and ordered for further processes in other systems such as automatic billing solutions, energy advising solutions, optimization of grid, SCADA, Building Management Systems (BMS) and more. The simplicity of managing large amounts of data saves time and reduces the risk of mistakes in daily meter operations. This solution is recommended for building investors and energy utilities.

Features and benefits

Innovative solutions on 3 levels

Time saving

Easy to use – plug & play

Compliant with OMS communication standard

Data insight is valuable for energy efficiency improvements


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