Auxiliary Power Media

Our Bulletin 1485 Auxiliary Power Media connection devices are based on a 4–pin connector system and is used to provide 24V DC power to I/O modules and other devices separately from network power. Running separate power to these devices is typically used for I/O devices with output connections to prevent power supply interruption due to switching of outputs. However, some devices require separate auxiliary power to power them regardless of the presence of outputs.

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  • Can provide power through only one pair of the four available contacts, so the other available pair can be used for single channel E-stop
  • E-stop T-ports and shorting plugs are red for easy identification
  • Many end devices, including Rockwell Automation® hardened I/O products, use a different pin numbering convention for 4-pin mini connections than that used on physical media products
  • Both conventions have the same color code going to the same spot but they use a different pin numbering designation


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