BT348: Mini Operator Terminal

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BT348 is a small and cost-effective terminal for the serial remote control of motrona devices and controllers or drives of such manufacturers using the same serial transmission protocol. The device allows the cyclic reading and display of a given parameter as well as the change of the parameter value via the front-panel keys in the simplest way. The communication protocol is often used in drives and other devices in automation. All the details of the protocol are described in detail in our documentation “SERPRO”.

  • Simple specification of individual setpoints and display of individual setpoints or actual values
  • Also suitable as parallel remote display for all devices with serial interface
  • Basic function: display, edit, configure
  • 6 digits LED display with 15 mm height
  • Power supply 16 … 35 VDC
  • Compact norm panel housing
  • Dimension 96 x 48 x 141 mm



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