140G Molded Case Circuit Breakers

Bulletin 140G Molded Case Circuit Breakers have nine different frame sizes with a range of 10…3000 A to accommodate your required current ratings and breaking capacities. With a wide range of operators and accessories, these circuit breakers provide the protection of circuits against overload, short circuit, and ground fault.

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  • Offers 3- and 4-pole versions to support worldwide application
  • Includes high interrupting ratings from 18…100 kA  in a compact device
  • Offers a wide range of operating mechanisms to fit a variety of panel configurations
  • Provides greater customization in trip units
  • Offers a wide range of accessories for global availability
  • Approved for global application: UL, CSA, CCC, and IEC performance interrupting/breaking capacity
  • Offers current-limiting option (H, J, and K frames) that provides half-cycle interrupt to limit let-through energy


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