DX355: touchMATRIX® Graphic Display (HTL / RS422)

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By default the display devices of the touchMATRIX® series provide a 186 x 64 pixel graphic display. Therefore plaintext, symbols and units can be displayed in a variable way. The LCD-backlight display enables the graphic representation in the colors red, green and yellow. Due to the intuitive parameterization these colour variations simply can be used event-dependent (e. g. in case of limit values). Maximum flexibility in connectivity and application is proven by arbitrarily combinable, modular configuration with analog output, switching outputs, relay, serial interface (Modbus) and 115 … 230 VAC. With the resistive touch panel and IP65 the touchMATRIX® displays are ideal for use in the food industry.

With 2 incremental HTL / RS422 inputs and a higher input frequency of up to 1 MHz, the DX355 offers a “high-end” variant.

  • 2 Incremental inputs with format A, /A, B, /B
  • Differential, single-ended HTL / RS422
  • Input frequency up to 1 MHz
  • Power supply 18 … 30 VDC
  • 5 / 24 VDC auxiliary output for encoder supply
  • 3.78 x 1.89 inch norm panel housing and IP65 protection
  • Bright and high-contrast display with event-dependent color variations
  • Emulation of a 7-segment display inclusively icons and units
  • Intuitive and easy parameterization by plain text and touchscreen
  • Multi functional device for speed, process time, timer, counter or velocity application
  • Operating modes such as scaling, average filter, start up suppression
  • Linearization with 24 control points
  • Option AC: Power supply 115 … 230 VAC
  • Option AO: 16 bit analog output, 4 control outputs,
    serial RS232 interface
  • Option AR: 16 bit analog output, 4 control outputs,
    serial RS485 interface
  • Option CO: 4 control outputs, serial RS232 interface
  • Option CR: 4 control outputs, serial RS485 interface
  • Option RL: 2 relay outputs

    Options can be combined.



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