Vacuum Contactors

Our Bulletin 1102C/1104C and Bulletin 1502 NEMA Medium Voltage Vacuum Contactors provide motor control system reliability in harsh, dirty environments. Our vacuum technology provides particularly effective arc extinguishing above 600V when you use a compact, long-lasting contactor. Our vacuum contactors are mechanically and electrically interlocked to avoid the contactors to close simultaneously.

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1102C /1104C NEMA Vacuum Contactors

  • Designed for use up to 1500V
  • Offers features that are best for mining and pumping, where voltages above 600V are used
  • Provides effective arc extinguishing above 600V Features Visual ON/OFF indicator
  • Contains line and load terminals up front for ease of wiring
  • Includes snap-on side mount auxiliary contacts

1502 Medium Voltage Vacuum Contactors

  • Features lightweight, compact design
  • Offers high interrupting capability
  • Presents low chopping current
  • Contains visual contact wear indicator
  • Provides excellent dielectric recovery which allows for high switching frequency
  • Includes single coil/core magnet assembly (800 A only)
  • Allows for minimal maintenance


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